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academics and the industry by enhancing student’s knowledge and skill at practical level and help them in exploring new career paths. We afford training on commencing the level of fundamental to advance.

1.Remote-Control System of High Efficiency and Intelligent Street Lighting Using a ZIGBEE
Network of Devices and Sensors

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Silicon Teknologies has skilled enthusiastic professionals who are technically sound and adroitly work on improvement of engineering product and professional training. We pioneer in the field of electronics and allow you to materialize your ideas into working models. We have tips, techniques, and tools to get you started which you will not find elsewhere. Silicon Teknologies - offering project solutions for all those aspirants who seek to enhance their practical knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. We don't make an item available for sale unless it is physically tested for quality and 100% outputs which have been tailor made for research and development purpose.  But it doesn't stop there! We would be remains forever a world class institution for technological education and scientific research for public good by producing and providing versatile and resourceful professionals to the growing industries.

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Continuously maintain product excellence and performance by introducing innovative cost effective solutions to cater the needs of industry and students

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1.GPS-GSM Integration for enhancing public transportation management services​


Silicon Teknologies is a professionally managed comprehensive corporation focused on facilitating academic projects training and precious guidance to Engineering students in all the embedded application areas like Electronics, Electricals, Instrumentation, Communication, Embedded and Robotics. Our project solution in the engineering domain will fulfill the student’s academic requirements and bridge the knowledge gap between

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1.Intelligent ambulance control system for city traffic police using ZIGBEE


Offer the best selection of projects available anywhere, together with our passion for a robust support system

1. PIR motion sensor based real-time pedestrian detection and tracking at nighttime for driver-assistance systems

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